chantal legros-you will always be remember (RIP)


The Sprit That Flew Without Ever Needing Wind.
She spread her wings across all that she knew.
Allowing US to trip & fall and she was always there to bring us back up.
She treated us As men from the start
and helped make the road a clear path.
A Multicultural leader,
the True Haitian Sensation Chantel brought warmth in my heart.
She was the leader of never giving up,
but more so my Friend!
She was there when we cried
and hugged us when we smiled.
Your legacy will forever remain within the Young Men you help build today
We Love Now and Forevermore. 
A better place may not be on Earth so where ever you are
know that it hurts.
Your laugh,
that smile.
I know we will never forget.
all of us from boys club days
she will always be there for we know how far she would fly
if we needed her by our side.
Lets catch up when I get to the other side.
Chantal Legros
you are without of a doubt an angel,
a soft spoken voice that harmonizes peace, calm, and tranquility
a blessing to many people,
especially the children that you raised in the boys club
to become the men that they are today.
You were a mother figure to many
and we all believed and had faith in your leadership.
You were a one of kind.
Genuine. Just an overall beautiful.
I am completely hurt knowing that you are no longer with us
but at the same time happy knowing that you will be looking down
and protecting each and everyone one of us
You will be missed.
Thank you for everything that you did for us.
You played a big roll in each and everyone of our lives.
Rest in peace Ms. Chantal Legros. we love you....
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Beautiful poem. It almost made me cry.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

its a heartfelt poem

everything that was said, i meant it

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