Changing Faces

(poems go here) One way or another you find it ok to act as two
Although the saying says to "be you"
But you find that difficult
Surrounding yourselves with people who are just like you, but don't love you
because the sad thing is you only know half of them
They turn to another crowd and become someone elses friend
Another person...
And you are the same, no better than them
You seize the oppurtunity,
and change faces whenenver newcomers stroll along
Playing the tune to a whole new song
but you think thats ok
"Its just how I make friends" You'll say
but what happens when all the lies start surfacing?
What happens when the tables start turning?
Now, I'm not suggesting that you choose who
I'm just saying it would be easier to be you,
Becasue whether you like it or not
you will get caught.
And guess what you are to both of them now....
A Liar
Changing Faces won't get you any higher
Being truthful will.
Its called "Integrity"
You might wanna try it...


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