Change is a Good Thing

Fri, 04/05/2013 - 04:05 -- mhite


United States
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Her hair is as dark as the midnight sky.
Her lips as red as the blooming red rose.
At night she walks around and wonders why.
Why the day is warm yet the night is froze.

Her eyes glisten in the radiant moonlight.
Her mind wonders about the seasons.
And why the flowers around the house are white.
She notices everything that is without reason.

But even though she notices ever contradiction,
She realizes that she is no different than nature.
The truth, she changes without prediction.
And she resists allowing denature.

She changes and so does everyone.
Because we must evolve to stay special and fun.



Thank you so much for publishing this piece. I love the "ever contradiction" that is shown within each stanza and the process of realization the narrator goes through to find this. What was your inspiration?


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