Change and Continuity Over Time

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 19:03 -- dbzjess

As I sat in my world history class the words, “change and continuity over time” played in my head like a broken record. Nothing was changing but this overwhelming sense of undiagnosed anxiety continuously clouded my mind.Will I pass this class? Will I make some friends? Will I come out of my prison cell shaped shell?The longing for a passion and commitment were overwhelming- I didn’t know where to begin…

Today as i sit in my US History class I am reminded of how effects of events in history have blurred the lines between peace and malice. But as I sit in that class, I reminded that even though perceptions on the positivity and negativity vary, I get to decide my own. I choose the way I see things, I choose how the result affects me, and I choose how I see myself.

One year ago, a man who believes in fascism and bigotry ran for president and I thought it was a joke; I thought that died when Hitler did. He blamed and accused my people for everything that was wrong in a nation where white supremacy exists. I was told that my body was an object of entertainment and oversexualization. I was told I wasn’t able to have a thought on that because i was in high school. My opinions were invalidated because I am a sixteen year old girl, of Mexican descent.

Today, I stand tall and voice my beliefs even if they are seen as controversial.


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