United States
29° 57' 36.6768" N, 95° 33' 31.6764" W
United States
29° 57' 36.6768" N, 95° 33' 31.6764" W
I am incapable of self-identifying.
Everything I'd claim, you'd think I'm lying.
How can I say I am "made in America," 
when I am a product assembled with
components pried from the arthritic
fingers of Russian sweatshop laborers,
And starving farmers plowing Scottish hills.
The cotton on my head 
Was plucked by the 3/5ths of a citizen
My great great grandmother had been.
Do you think she'd be proud now
That I've abandoned my heritage?
I let them take it.
Pulled on a cloak of personal confusion, 
"You can't be black, look how light you is."
The ostracized want their time on the throne,
They'll fight for their throne,
Annihilate their own,
Because we're not exactly the same.
Is that not ironic? 
You wanted democracy to free you,
You wanted equality.
But all you have is hypocrisy.
Cast off your chains of slavery to wrap them around me,
In my "white neighborhood." 
But I would be a traitor to
Join the fight against you.
This is the no-man's land 
Of the race war.
"Select all that apply,"
But neither does,
Black or white,
Because I am not full-blood.
I am "other."


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