Caught Up

Sat, 04/29/2017 - 03:50 -- Sejdina

Sometimes I want to feel

Things a great deal.

Other times I want to be

Completely empty and free.

Bashful and clashing, my thoughts spin in my head

But once they collide, it’s like everything’s dead.

Everything stops, I’m stagnant and still

Eyes so blank, my gears are run down mills.

My eyes roll over, to a spot on the wall

The inside of my head, a vacant hall.  

Then a noise comes along, replacing the waves

The kind you hear in a scary movie craze.

The kind we recognize, but can never explain

The kind that keeps a buzz, in your lonesome little brain.

A tear is pulled down the bridge of my nose

Every few inches, stopping to pose.

I’m completely suspended, in both time and space

Physics does not keep up with my pace.

A delicate system, it truly is

To draft the emptiest and saddest bliss.


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