Caught Up


United States
48° 45' 22.3776" N, 122° 29' 22.0524" W

You got me hooked one day I least expected.
It pained me first but quickly passed my mind.
Your motives clear, to catch, I read the signs.
Excitement made, reality neglected.

Ignored the threat that shown as bright as blues
in coral rock to move from sea to land.
I held upon the line and felt quite grand.
You reeled me in. Just me! How could I lose?

Upon the dock my mind was stopped, surprised!
Already things weren’t great as I surmised.
My blood was leaking fast onto the dock.
The air began to test my gills. No luck.
Why had I thought that I was unique, a catch?
Your only purpose; shoot and snatch, no patch.


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