A Caring Friend

We're distant by miles, we're close in the end, the very same person that became my friend, I made mistakes in my life, getting injured was one, seeing you worry about me, would make 2, and that's no fun,

I was considered a monster by people, so I was left with a heart that became shattered, other people told me, "Johnny your friends will leave you like you don't even matter"
until one day we kicked it, you and me just hungout, I've never felt more happy enough to let out a huge shout, that you are awesome, and you are kind, my vision maybe gettin blurry, but i'm not so blind

Being around you is fun, because I can at least smile, 
you bring out the best of me, which at times may take a while,

I appreciate your honesty, I appreciate your care,
you mean a lot to me, just know I'll always be there
like you did for me, I'll do the same for you,
if there is one truth to be told, understand that this is true,
You really are the best in comparison towards the others, 
it sounds pretty bad at first, but not many cared the way you do, maybe except my own mother


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