Can't Catch a Foul

On the off chance that YOU

find these poems.

These writings I've worked so hard to keep

a secret.

I hope you read them.

It appears I say much more to strangers on the internet

than I do to those I'm close to.

You and I were once just that.


Do you ever think of what our lives would be like 

If we hadn't crossed?

I doubt yours would be much different.

I don't see my impact on the lives of others.

At least not in terms of things that are visible.

I do hope dear friend you read some of my words,

as I did take time to listen to yours.

Though I would never ask you to.

You write so beautifully compared to my 

conundrum thought procession.

However, you've been bestowed a great honor.

Not everyone is written about so dearly.

I could never speak ill of you.

I wish we would speak more.

Though it is hard when we do speak.

I sit quietly and forget what I was going to say,

and you ask me, "What do you want?"

Silly darling.

You know what I want.

You're so wonderful my dear friend.

My dear friend.

My dear friend.

My dear friend.

Dear friend.

Dear friend.


This poem is about: 



My dear friend....super.


Super or mundane? I am but a stick. Simple. 

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