Candor of Mind


let’s begin.


train tracks ticking,

lower-case letters and

a little thing called



lying crying screaming

dragging the truth out

and the peace of a church.


love not hate

and maybe we’ll celebrate

one day



embarrassment, flushing cheeks,

red-hot regret

behind this darkish hair

lies imperfect pieces


these, once belonging to

a whole and entire heart.


hiding behind sonnets

and smarts and silence,

a foolish romantic creature.


all I want is love.


I got some, too,

from HIM who is ABOVE

but sometimes,

I don’t feel beloved


I don’t feel like HIS child

I don’t feel like HIS girl

I feel like…


rainbow colored flags

used to wave above my head

and abortive sarcasm

used to walk in my tread


but I changed.


hashtag NOFILTER

always applied to me.

honesty has become

my last, desperate plea.


my path is set before my feet,

leading away from here

and away from the lies

and away from the pain;

or so I thought.



Haiti ain’t no paradise.

Sure, the people are nice

(and correctness grows)

And there’s lowness in price

(and they cry out in woe)


(or not.)



but the truth is,

I love it.


sorry for my attitude

and my longness

(plus the ingratitude)

but I’m too complex

to be put on this page.

nobody knows me

I choose what I say.


so I guess

it’s time

we end.

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