Can You Know?

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 22:28 -- DanSom


These words I use are truth

Even if I disagree

Because no matter what they mean to you

May hold different meaning for me

Words- to tell a story that otherwise wouldn’t be


Quite easily it is

To fear we’ll self disclose

Reveal too much of our innermost woes

And who knows what they know


Broken pieces, jagged edges of glass

One for every lost chance

Shattered glass, fractured reflections

Images from the past

Memories, a reminder those good times never last


Hope is a fragile thing- another thing about to break

Nothing like a genuine smile

Among all those that are fake

At least I know the truth, that those lies

Give somewhat of an answer to our dire human whys



I strive for perfection

A habit I need to break

Perfectionism fails to give back the fruits of my hardest work

Just takes and takes and takes

Leaving me worthless

How can I accept other’s praise

When I don’t even have my own


The sadness in my stomach

My lowly self-pity

That I should care so much

Shame blunting the edges of my wit


The climb for some is rocky

For others, they nearly stop

Some keep going, climbing, climbing always

But never do they reach the top



Lost connections, missing liens

This suffering we seek to end

Our human nature we’ve wanted to ignore

Leaving what we need behind, because we want something more

But what we humans need isn’t behind that door

Would I even know?

Why fight each other, when we can’t even win our own war



I wonder why sometimes

I wonder why all the time

But it’s not about me

So long I have looked around and seen

That sometimes it’s just too hard to say what we mean

So nothing is ever said

But if we keep the pain inside, will it ever really end?

No- nothing ever really ends



Once I wrote a song

Once I drew a sketch

Once I made a story

A beautiful tapestry of my ideas

Of what? You ask Maybe you already know

But really, nobody knows the ocean of my ideas

Not like I do

Nobody really can

But the ocean does share its secrets

For those who understand

I wonder- Can you know?


Sometimes it helps

To step outside the walls

When you think and worry too much

If only I could think less and worry not at all

Maybe then I wouldn’t have had to fall

But then again, I am better because of it




Racking my head with words

Now I have a story

On what I’ve made myself believe

And what I actually do

Maybe I’ll say them someday


Interesting how I see things



That makes me realize we don’t know each other so well

One thing- I can agree on- Out of all this confusion and thoughts, friends and foe

Is that there is a sea, an ocean- too deep to ever really know

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