Can You Hear Me Now

It doesn't make it less a war on women just because you think I'm wrong

Because you think we’re at fault

That this is the story of murders getting what they deserve, but for what

For a child to grow up in an unhappy home

Barely getting by

Just poking their head above the poverty line

Whose side are you on

You’re gonna tell me that they think kids come first

Where the foster care system is broken

And where public education is ranked as one of the worst

What about when those kids are born

Will you love them then

Will you make sure their taken care of then 

fix foster care then

Make the world they grow up in worth living in then


Then don't tell me your opinion is worth the 14th amendment then

We watched the country turn against us and they called it a victory

We were stripped of our rights so if we go down, we’ll go down screaming

Can you hear us

The girl who got raped in texas and cant get an abortion

Can you hear her

The child who whose health is in danger because she's pregnant

Can you hear her

The woman you had a miscarriage and is now in custody

If we need to scream louder we will

This is so much more than a divide in opinions

This is a divide in fundamental rights 

A war on women

A war on freedom

You expected us to sit quietly

Well won't condemn that shit

Won't let you tell us we are less than you

To tell us what we can and can't do

We are human too

A victim of rape shouldn't have to live with a the burden of carrying that child

A rapist should not have part custody of said child

But these are real things that are happening

Real people are suffering

The very definition of consent is being debated 

as if it's a privilege to be incontrol of your body

Where do you draw the line 

We know abortion is not the escape root

It's not plan b

It's the choice no one ever wants to have to make

But it is still should be our choice

We will carry that burden by ourselves if you don't stand with us

But make no mistake we will be standing

We will be screaming 

And marching

We don't stop here

This is our lives we’re talking about

This is our rights we’re talking about

These are real people, victim, and children were talking about

Can you hear me now

Or am i even allowed to open my mouth

Please tell me what else I can’t do with my body

Please show me a world where women aren't free 


I'm scared 

Do I have any say over myself anymore

This is both a cry for help and a chant for equality

We will use this fear

Take it to the streets

March until we can't feel our feet

We will do whatever we have to 

You will not silence me

can you hear me now


This poem is about: 
My country



Finallyyyyyy, a poem with real emotion. Thank you! If you do read this comment though, I would like you to spend some more time on your poem so you can perfect it. A little more time could take you from great to out of this world. Loved it!!


And I just noticed that you sing; make this a song!! I’m telling you this poem has some real potential.

#make a difference 

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