Calling on my Ancestors

Sun, 03/13/2022 - 23:17 -- 2sweet

Listening to the wind blow the leaves like silk in the night, I look to the heavens for a sign to fight the day that I carry with a slight smile; I feel the pressure rising without a solution so, I call on my ancestors knowing I will not get a shooing, they called my name with a breathy tone and sat me on a royal thrown, using my body as an alter I  call all of you to get the answers I need to know; I feel weak like a twig that releases its grip from the mighty wind that shreds it to pieces; I need your strength, wisdom, and clarity to give peace to my soul that has been dampened from the shape of my own reality; pull me near so I can relax in the comfort that you give; giving me the strength and love that I need to carry on like a mighty Calvary;  standing strong like the hymns that were sung to the highest mountains that felt and heard our pain, I release it into the night as I dropped these shackles from the pain that was stained

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