Call it Courage

“Don’t fear the dark” is what I was told

I sit in bed covers to chin covered fully

I look left and right playing Look-See

I am sweating and shaky, I don’t know why

My room is dark as I lay with the shadows

Monsters don’t exist only in my mind

I checked the closet and left the door ajar

Never dare to look under the bed

If my feet hang off the bed, I curl myself

The house is quiet, and everyone is dreaming

Why am I awake thinking?

I must use the bathroom and won’t get up

Something or someone will grab me

I must wait until daylight, it’s a long wait

Too many horror flicks of the unreal

I hear a rattle in my closet, the door creaks

Unknown wind picks up, my blanket is tugged

Thumping noises under my bed, a small figure is in the corner

Its’s all in my head, the suspense builds

I shake my sheets off, go to the bathroom

Return to my room close the door and sleep

One word: Courage, is all it took


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Our world
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