Call Her

Think back to when you first felt the flutter of butterflies doing acrobats in your stomach

The first time you looked at a girl and somehow knew she was special

Think back to when you'd time your entrance just right just so you could stand next to her in the cafeteria line

Think back to when the first reason you liked her was simply beause you did

Because being near her made your palms sweat and all you wanted was to maybe hold her hand

Think back to when getting her to smile, to laugh, was the best feeling in the world

Like the shore, she was the ocean

And you could just listen to her happy coos for what felt like forever

Think back

Now remember the first time you described her looks before her personality

When you told your friends about the curves of her body rather than the curve of her smile

Think back to when you just called her fine, sexy, thing

Think back to when you first reduced her to that one single word as if that was all that mattered


But Hot is dangerous

Hot goes with age

Hot is jealousy

Hot is a face you won't see without makeup

Hot is shallow, objectifying

Hot is a one night stand

Hot is the way she moans

The way she calls your name at night, but forgets it in the morning

Hot is a constant chase

Hot belongs to everyone

But beautiful...that belongs to her

Radiating from within, Beautiful cannot be taken away by others

Beautiful stands on her own

Beautiful is strong

Beautiful is kind

Beautiful is her face when she first wakes up

Beautiful is all her vulnerabilites

Beautiful is the way she remmebers all your favorites

The way she cries at happy endings

Beautiful is play fighting on the couch and messy hair in the wind

Beautiful is sweat pants and take out with a movie

Beautiful is a future

So don't you dare even think about stripping her to that one single word

Just to leave her in society's skin tight perceptions and low cut, revealing insecurities

Don't you dare undress her without addressing her properly

Call her what she really is




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