caked on perfection

The truth is I don't know who she is
Disguised so good
I blew this
With the lipstick on high heels strong
But my ankles not so much
I'm just trying to show that I
Can play the role
Just like all my friends
But I kind of think its wack
Even though it's all for show
It doesn't make much sense
Just how much we focus on the cover up
Instead of what's within

But I don't want to play anymore
And that's for sure
I'm through with all this shit
I'm just gunna wash my face and go outside
Let's see what will happen
Maybe the world will explode
I don't know
That maybe to intense
 put my sweat pants on converse and my Tshirt that's too big

Maybe you should try it too
Trust me boo
It's not hard as it looks
Once you get out the door
On the ground floor
Everything's all good
Keep walking
Girl own that smile
You're still beautiful
And now that you've tried it for yourself
I hope you do it a little more


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