Once it was a winter dreary

Light was weak, my bones were weary

Thirteen summers passed and counting

I heard the clatter of hooves amounting

Thinking it only the witch

I barely gave a huff and a twitch

But lo behold a Knight in shining armor

So  upon my weary bones I did clamber

Up my throat the magma churning

upon the ground a corpse was burning

Why wait thirteen summers you see

my eggs lay with princess til she be free

what will most certainly be the death of me

But not this day, not this winter, not this year

For if they win my hatchlings fate be clear

So for this undetermined patch of time

I watch the princess for she is mine


Once next summer hot and sweltering

I curled up under air near melting

Now fourteen summers and counting

I heard the clatter of hooves amounting

I knew it twas not the witches dash

She and girl were in the cabbage patch

I stood upon bones a creaking

Watched the burnt prince charge a fleeing

The tower stood a flower scripted

my girl the artist locked away gifted


Once it was an autum crisp and cooling

I blinked away my sleep still drooling

For I heard the clatter of hooves amounting

It was now fifteen summers and counting

A village fool scrambled up a shouting

My princess stood at the window pouting

I ate his hound still a yowling

and sent the man on burnt and scowling

My princess said the eggs grew more each day

So back below the tower I lay


Once it was a spring warm at last

Soon to be seventeen summers fast

I heard the clatter of hooves amounting

For it was sixteen summers and counting

I watched a warlock cross the witch's wards

My tail swung out and flung him forwards

He flew into the cabbage patch

All that remained was his hat

The princess hair grew long and wild

Like the patch's vines not so mild


It was a winter cold and wet

A farmer stood before me shoulders set

I'd heard the clatter of hooves amounting

It was now seventeen summers and counting

But I remained within my ditch

The man had come to court the witch

The princess watched with eyes still dry

alone but for my eggs up so high


It was a summer mild and warm 

Tower and I pelted by the storm

When I heard the clatter of feet and paws

I caught my children in my jaws

As my princess scaled down the tower

I felt joy bloom like a flower

My princess had set herself free

So too my babies and so two me

It'd been eighteen summers I had counted

Upon my back the princess mounted

I readied myself as she tied her baggage

Away I flew with a princess named Cabbage


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