The Butterfly that Feeds off the Dying Aster

Fluttering wings mark a descent from the sky
Gossamer weight that bends the stem
The Butterfly drinks the Aster dry
And without a thought, takes to the heavens again

The Aster waits patiently
For Butterfly's return
Life's solidarity
A lesson well-learned

Take it all
Give nothing back
And fade to black

The butterfly flutters
Vibrant will to live
The Aster shudders
Little left to give

The Aster's scent on the wind like a call
Like a dying star, a few petals fall
No Butterfly borne on sweet scented breezes
Feeling forsaken, the frost-flower freezes

The Aster writhes 
Under Butterfly's greed
Yet still the flower
Lets the beauty feed

The Butterfly lives
And flies away
But and the end of all
The Aster waits

Take it all
Give nothing back
And fade to black

Autumn's reaper
Metamorphosis seeker
The Butterfly that feeds off the dying Aster
Beckons the snow to fall ever faster

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Our world


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