Bullet in their Cranium


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A few weeks ago I was reading a book on theater

And someone saw me reading and told me, "Black people don't read".

That made me sad.

Then the quote started to sink into my thoughts

and it started to make me mad.

But I started think about that individual personally

and I realize the knowledge that individual never had.

Sometimes I think if Brown v. the Board was worth it.

Generations before were willing to have a bullet in their cranium

And it seems like this generation is going insane and um....

It's funny how they worked hard to get the so called negro to be in schools with them white folks

But it was more about getting a good education and not ONLY the white folks.

And people used to pick on me because I "acted like some white folks".

And now you want to drop out of school and blame everything on the white folks....

Oh! You got a Condo on your wrist, huh? You "Cashin' Out!"

Well 60 years ago they were being lynched in a back alley, they were "Hangin' Out!"

And churches were put in flames, they were "Burnin' Out!"

And when I go on my rant about this, kids will look at me like, "What was all that about".

I am grateful for the sacrifices

I am thankful for the cause

For the people that fought, sacrificed for me and made sure the kids of today have what they have now

I want to ask you one question?

There's a pizza place on Wabash Avenue, would you like to join me?

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