Bullet Proof

Funny thing about a certain hot button issue,

is people only listen when it comes time to miss you.

When they can no longer dismiss you; the latter is a hero.

Exploiting their favoritism to avoid the fear of

Being judged.

As they face a judge; they did no wrong.

While families are left to sing and praise anonymous names in spiritual songs.

They call it self defense. Thats where the case resides,

 But the other party isnt here to tell their side.

There are always two sides to every occurrence

Side A, Side B, and facts of reassurance

Side A gets away, gets a new beginning,

while side B is stuck in silence with whatever name theyre given.

Thugs, terrorist, enemies of the state

The children of the darker hue cursed with this fate.

Sick of seeing division by culture. Or color.

Whatever it's considered, its propaganda galore.

Searching through the news; forbidden news of "drugs and gangs"

Brothers in body bags, and become hashtags.

So who are you? to tell me such reality isnt true,

when i see those i love, dearly, struggle daily to prove,

That they deserve life. An opportunity ensued

from avoiding death. 

Just to be bullet proof.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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