The Brothers Grimm 2.0

Humpty Dumpty was not an egg.

You may believe he was an egg

As long as you must 

But trust me when I say-

Humpty Dumpty's name was 

Henry Evans,

And he was as human as you and I.

Kind of makes you rethink the wall

And the fall-

Which I am most disheartened to inform you

Was not at all a fall. 

It was infact a different four letter word,



That wall was really a three story building

And that fall was really a jump

And humpty dumpty was really Henry Evans. 

You can distort the fairytales

All you want.

Tear them apart, 

Turn them inside out,

But at the base of all of them

I think you'll find that 

The most written about topic among humans

Is death.

Not even fairytales 

Can evade that. 

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Our world
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