Broken to Spoken


Grades are getting low, teens are getting high.
A 16 year old is pregnant and her parents wonder why.
A first grader is cursing, a fourth grader has been raped.
Just take a look around, isn't our world just great?
Who isn't partying these days? Kids are on the news.
Children are getting beat, and their teachers see the bruise.
Calls for help? None are made. Teens are smoking weed.
Young girls are cutting, this is not what we need.
The consequences of teasing and yelling.
Parents are getting divorced, a 14 year old drunk,
can this get any worse?
Children committing suicide, no one seems to care.
Another kid expelled for falling for a stupid dare
But all of this needs to change, our world is officially broken.
It is time for us to take a stand.
Our thoughts deserve to be spoken.


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