The Broken Kind


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If I showed you the happiness that you do to me, would you stay?
Even just for one more day.
Cause I know I'm a wreck lately, and I've been nothing but a pain.
Do we have anything left to gain?
You don't see the happiness you've caused, I know that the sun cant shine without a little hope.
Cause lately we've been heading a downward slope.

I know that we're both unsure, and scared.
I can see that we're not a likable pair.
We are the broken kind of love
Cause this ain't butterscotch cotton candy  no love song, we don't got turtle doves.
We're the kind of love that people just can't find
Cause we are the broken kind.
You don't know how crazy you drive me with that smile
This ain't something you can put on file.
We're the kind of pair that ain't in any fairy tales
Some would say we are a fail.

I'm a crazy kind of guy
Some would think angels can fly.
When angels are actually all around us
I just don't see what all of this about, what's such a fuss.
Some would say we are crazy for trying this kind of thing
But we are the kind of crazy love that people would Bing.
So just come on, and give it another chance
Cause girl, you got me in a crazy kind of trance.

Cause by the way, I'm going crazy without you
I'm just another stupid fool.
I'm in the middle of a breakdown
Its the silent kind of breakdown.

Broken and confused
I'm broken and confused.
I'm lost without you
Cause I'm just another fool.
I wish I could smile over again with you in my arms
I can never be the man that I needed to be, cause all I did was harm.
I'm sorry for not being enough
I could be so much more for you, but I got to stay tough.
Well there ain't nothing left for us, you think
I honestly got to admit that it stinks that you think that way, oh it truly stinks.
Cause I truly see another chance for us again
So please don't be afraid no more, Cause you gotta know I want to be more than friends.
I miss you, the way you look at me

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