Broken and Gone


Broken mirrors scattered across the floor

Shattered mirrors and broken doors

The remainder of a forgotten, past war

And the dying bodies of a marine corps


It's a reality, a nightmare you want it to be a dream

Wish that you could wake up from your bed

And all you can do is attempt to scream

But you can't be heard, and you're crossed with dread


As you watch what has occurred and the walls bled

Echoing your cries and your harm

You thought this only happened in the books you read

And you try to raise your voice in alarm


Your soul has departed and has gone further away

Leaving you in a misery that wont leave your way

And to the right of you to your dismay

Is that your life has been broken like a pot of clay


Cries come out from the shattered life

That you did not listen to

You were cruel in your ways your life was a broken knife

Sharpened each time you kicked someone away from you


The people who died of starvation

From the Vietnamese to the Haitian

From the linguists and the thracian

You could've helped feed a nation


You were a miser

Nothing but a thief

You were old but not yet wiser

One who refused grief


When you began to show the world how cruel you could be

Perhaps your regret wouldn't have spoken

Because as the walls are beginning to close in you now see

Your wrongs and nothing right for now everything is broken


That your heart was so heavy it began to weigh

Heavier and heavier everyday

Wasting your money instead of giving it away

That the monster inside you began to take over you day by day


Then finally one day your life was cut away,

You didn't know it was the end

You could have changed that day

If you had changed in time


If you had only prayed in time

If you had given your money away before your prime

As the funeral bells began to chime

No one came to cry for you when you were out of time


Your soul has been ripped out of you

The pain is unbearable and swift

And then you can no longer chew

On what is happening as you drift


For those of you who wish no regret,

You must be willing to give to many others

Do not play into a  false threat,

Give to a hungry brother as well as poor mothers


We're all united as one

Be kind, and have a heart

Until your life is done

And a happy death on your part

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