Bright Red Truck

On my way here,
sitting on the side of the road,
I saw a bright red truck.

Like a huge elephant
reminding you of your problems,
the ones you try to hide.
They’re completely obvious,
you can’t simply push them aside
expecting them to disappear
under the rug.

Flashing for other’s attention,
you wait for them
to laugh and jeer.
On looker’s eyes staring
as if to mock;
providing you the evidence
for the problems,
that you already knew were there.

Let’s not lie,
you’ve tried to change it,
but some issues
will simply never go away;
you’re hoping you’ll outgrow it
that this is not the person
you are meant to be.
Hear yourself screaming out,
begging for help,
that will never come.

For this fight
is within yourself;
you have the strength,
you know what to do.

Like a battleship
with a tattered sail
just needing a little repair

Or a forgotten animal
malnourished and all alone
asking for some tender loving care

Like the truck
looking for a jump
or some help putting on a tire

On my way over here,
on the side of the road,
I saw a bright red truck.

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I like how you use the "big red truck" to describe the way you are feeling. It's very clever. You use a lot of metaphors and they really help depict your struggle. Good job.

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