Bridge To Our Past, Present and Future


Family is a bridge to our past, present and future.


A deep heritage that defines where we have come from, who we are today and where we are heading. This is our time in history where we are celebrating family, starting new beginnings, and remembering our past while thanking God for bringing us together.


Family is a blessing, connection and a bond that can never be broken.


We are here celebrating family through generations of amazing people and adventures with exciting stories to tell. Through meeting and knowing our family, we see reflections of ourselfs. It may be through similar traits, interests and even personality. Even if there is a disagreement or differences of opinions.


Family is a tree with many branches of deep rooted and beautiful culture.


Man and Wife began this rich legacy of old and new generations. God has blessed us with a forest of relatives; uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, friends and loved ones to share our lives with.


Family reunions are a time to fellowship; meet new people, laugh, have a good time, to joke around, smile, tell stories, take lots of pictures, enjoy the moment and make memories that will last a life time.


A bridge to our past, present and future


A blessing, connection and bond that can never be broken


A tree with many branches of deep rooted and beautiful culture. 




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