Breaking Apart

Sat, 01/04/2014 - 20:43 -- Kaelyn

To the world, she is strong, resilient
   some say smart
   some say pretty
   others say talented, perfect.

To the world, she knows things
   some say to much,
      she is a she-wolf
   some say just enough,
      she is the perfect one
   others expect to highly of her.

But inside, she is lost, confused, all alone.
She longs to comfort, and be comforted
   to trust and be trusted
   to like and be liked
   to experience and learn.

But she doesn't know how to ask.
Her sheild perpetually up, afraid of every act
Her heart afraid to trust, afraid of what she'll learn.

Her mind is a tangle of yarns
   full of contradictions
      and indecision
   unsure about her life
      and what she wants to do.

To the world, she is aloof, strong
But those closest to her have seen her crack.
She tries to hold on, but her fingers slip slowly...

How long could she last
   in this misguided world?
How long could she last
   holding onto her sheild?


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