Thump, Thump on the shower walls,

As the water falls,

Steam of pleasure.

Diamonds on a trembling hand,

Smiles of naivety,

Wickedness behind her eyes,

Causing blindness with her stare.

Empty promises,

False hopes,

Caution written on the fields of crowds,

On the blood red tears,

Gashes written on the skin of the innocent.

The cause is plain,

The  cause is clear,

Denial holds in your violent fear.

Blossoming from the tiny words of Spring,

Disappearing into the hate of Summer.

And as it is whispered,

No harm is shed,

Only the truth,

Long forgotten.



This is a powerful piece. I really enjoyed reading it :) My only suggestions would be to change up the lines "Empty promises / false hopes". You've come up with some brilliant images in this (my favorite is "diamonds on a trembling hand" -beautiful!) so don't be afraid to step away from these abstract lines and really play with what pops in your head when you think of empty promises and false hopes. 

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