Brain Waves


I write because it is my tactic of escape

From this cold world filled with violence and rape

Writing is a clean slate

A place, where no matter who is watching, you fly your own plane

But the real world you see is my bane

It attacks peoples' lives like a game

These men and women dream of fortune and fame

When they could be up working to maintain

They don't understand that they need a stronge frame

They need to upgrade instead of blame 

They must not worry about small issues like someone flying straight

But about how they pay the price they have to pay

Whether you pay in money or love

One day my friend you will have to die and rise above

And if you make it to the top you could fall to the bottom but not land in a glove

What I'm trying to say is that life needs balance 

There's no way around it

You have to maybe take that chance

You can't live this life alone sip a tall drink and dance

And if you work hard to create a balance life will feel complete 

You'll find true happiness, now that's neat

With this you will find true love and something to eat





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