You're proud and strong,

Even though you have your struggles.

You put us above many things;

Above your relationships,

Above your work.


The first year we met

We almost reached the top.

Fifth then third then first

Spinning, dancing, tossing

So close thanks to you.


You’re what I want to be

Confident, a performer,

Who knows what effort cost.

You will show us what we need

To be the champions we are.


You’re always real with me

I’ll always know that.

You showed me that I can win.

If I’m pushing my hardest

I can do anything,


This year is my last,

Last time to be superior.

A final moment to tell you thanks

The test to see if I’ll continue

And never stop doing what you taught me.


If not for you I would be lost,

So with my final year

I would like to say thank you.

My mother, my friend

My Coach Brady.


This poem is about: 
My family


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