to the boy who lost his shadow


To the Boy Who Lost His Shadow,


you told me you had to find it so you could feel whole again


the part of you that you need

(i remember that you said that to me once)


i hope you find it soon if only so you would come back

to me

and that is probably a horrible reason but

i am horrible and i am selfish and miss you too much to be anything else


and i miss the adventures that we went on

driving down the avenue until the sky turned the color of indigoes

dotted with bright glitter stars

(i asked where we were going and you said the day after tomorrow)


if i knew where you were i’d drag you back
stitch the shadows to your feet and maybe you’d stay
it’d slip away somehow like it always does and you’d go after it

without a second thought


you are the lost boy i cannot bring back

no matter how hard i try



The Girl That You Forgot



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