Boy in the Moon

As I gaze up into the moonlight

I can finally wonder if you’re alright...

If you were wishing you could hold me just as tight...

See my heart was in recovery

From a fraudulent lovers discovery

He promised me stars

And left me with scars

But tonight I can finally look up at the moon

And sing my wonted tune

Wondering how long until I meet you. 


See after he left

My wounds turned to scars

A sky void of stars

The moon left as a token of my selfish deed

From taking on more than I need.

But tonight I see something new... something that was well overdue 

Tonight I see a future with me and you.


Yes I still don’t know where you are.

Nor how far.

But that’s okay 

See it’s the mystery of you that keeps me laying here awake 

And I’ll continue to love you for this sake


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