To the boy that isn't afraid to love me

Fri, 04/18/2014 - 21:47 -- Hannaaa



That radiate from my face effervescently  

With a glow as if my heart was so content 

That there could be nothing stopping me from 

Literally “walking on sunshine” 

These smiles that exude bliss unlike any other 

Are artifacts procured from every moment that I spend  

With you 

From the comfort I find in your beautifully hidden eyes 

 To the rhythm of your laugh 

To even the softness of your lips 

You never fail to make me feel secure 

At home 

It is as if your love is 

An all-encompassing barrier 

From any potential loneliness or pain 

I find 

That with every touch you make me feel 


You are a light house  

That is guiding me through this  

Harsh and unforgiving storm we call  


“I love you” 

Three little words  

I never found value in 

Three little words 

I found it so hard to come across 

Three little words  

That so effortlessly roll off of my tongue 

Whenever I am in your presence  

“The universe energy never lies 

And this chemistry is infinity at a million times” 

I never feel pressure 

To be something I’m not 

Because you make me feel like everything  

And more 

The miniscule things that you find bring you insecurity 

Are wiped away 

Like foot prints in the sand 

By the tide that consists of your nature 


And beauty 

Every time I get a “hey babe”  

Or “how was your day” 

It is as if my heart was playing hopscotch 

Because it skips beats 

I want to be everything  

That others weren’t for you 

I want to remind you just how  

Amazing you are 

I want to listen to your heart beat 

And feel your warmth around me 

 I don’t think I will ever be able to finish this poem 

Because true love is endless ...


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