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There is a room

And in this room there are two boxes

One box is big and the other box is small,

Impossibly small,

And you take a step forward

To look at these boxes.

One box big and the other box small.

You turn to the small box, and you stare at it

The longer you stare at it the smaller and smaller it gets.

But when you turn to the bigger box,

You are afraid.

You are afraid because when people look at big boxes

They expect big things.

And you are afraid that there is not enough of you to fill that big box.

So you pick the small box.

You start cramming everything into that impossibly small box,

Throwing item after item away,

Until all that you are can fit.

Finally, you have crammed in all you could,

And thrown away the rest.

Now that small box,

That impossibly small box,

Has only one thing in it,

A mask.

A costume, a farce, a façade.

You look down at the mask,

And there is a pang in your heart.

You have thrown away so much.

But, you are content.

Because now at least people will not be disappointed.

People will not expect something more than the box contains.

And, after a while, the mask will be comfortable

The more you wear it, the better it will fit.

You will take it with you and you will be content.

It is not much,

But you will pretend it is enough.

Because when you look at the bigger box,

It is too horrifying.

For people to expect so much, that you cannot supply.


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