A Book Closed

My life, a book closed
I reflect, heartbroken
Beloved, misjudged
My fingers 
They grace your face
Tears fall
Empty dreams, false hopes
Years carried away
I lived, ignorant
Your needs abandoned
Love should not end
Not this way
I reflect, opportunities missed
Half truths, they swallowed me
Fear to face the truth
My mind wanders, thoughts of you
Unresolved, bitter regret
My hands grasp your waist
Firm and comforting, I lived content
Wise in falsehoods, past my depth
Years frittered
I see you, my heart calls
The reflection dims
My judgement
Broken, false and empty
In coldness, I embrace you
Bitter, my regret
You shall not escape
Never forget, I will keep you
Firm is my hold


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