She walks a path,

Her own...


No guid before her

No shadows behind

Only clouds above her and ground below,

Feet dragging


Weighed down by an iron ball of worry, collapsed walls, and hurt.

Nothing has gone her way so far. All is lost and it is over.

The skies fall upon her, clouding her vision

Leaving her no light.


And then looking up from her cradle of sorrows into that deep blue sky she sees an ocean

She leaps into that deep blue to find that she does not sink,

She floats.

She floats on to new beliefs and higher heights

Setting sail on the winds before her

And the sea behind her

Only now the clouds and the missing ground do not frighten but excite her

As she soars through her being she realizes that all is not lost

She realizes just because the path isn't always clear doesn't mean it's the end of the road

And I realize... That she is me. And that if we stick to it, making it to the other side the darkness will fade.

Leaving us with only light.  


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