Blow Me A Kiss And Say Good-Bye


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Before the love hit me, I was in pain
Love was an item that I couldn't gain
Every day, I ended up being alone and sad
And every time I saw a happy couple, I would go mad
My heart ached and moaned with depression
It was weak and didn't have an ounce of aggression
This was my Hell for as long as I can remember
But I met love on that cold day in November

I've met love for the first time
You stole my heart but it wasn't a crime
So we finally met each other and I was actually happy
Never did I feel a day when it was bad and crappy
We've talked, hugged, and kiss all day long
And how can I forget about our first love song
This was my Heaven that I loved to tell
But this was before the next fiery Hell

This was when the suspension appeared
Thinking about losing you was all I feared
You yelled about me cheating and lying
And before I knew it, my heart started dying
All that we ever did was yell and fight
It seemed that we would never be able to see the light
The relationship we had was gone and dead
So we left each other and nothing was ever said

So once again, I was in deep pain
Every attempt of love was in vain
All I ever did was truly love you
But I guess that was way overdue
I'm alone and trapped in the darkest dark
Your affects on me will always leave a mark
Never did I think that a girl would make me cry
So just blow me a kiss and say good-bye

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