Why is it a sin to bloomTo bloom means to express yourself in someone elseSo why is it a sin to bloomTo bloom means to be freed from the inside outIs it a sin to find yourself?Is it a sin to find someone else?The Christians believed that there is only one way to be freedThrough JesusBut what if they were wrong What if we can free ourselvesWhat if they say to bloom is a sin becausethey want to keep it all for themselvesThey say it is pure butNot in the way it should beTo live your life for someone else, something else, is fineBut we shouldn’t be watched and we shouldn’t be finedFor living our lives and choosing to bloom If Christ was crucified for our countless crimes thenThrow light upon the reason why thou shall not touch ones lips with another’s in the darkness Less to be condemned to hell by your loving father If only we choose to embrace ourselves entirelyWe can embrace ourselves and each other too We need to find the sunWe need to find our own JesusThe flower only blooms with sunlightYou cannot force a flower to bloomIt has to do it on its own will So if you choose to bloomChoose to bloom the most beautiful form of yourselfFor to give yourself away to anotherIs to find yourself all the same 

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