never you

never him

never her

never them

no pronouns don't adhere I'm naught here

disassociated with this world grown beyond weary of affairs

doubt my visit long gone before socioeconomic reform graces this air

society of the spectacle alienation intrinsic here

glare stationed so far above watch as your humble abode corrodes

unapologetic beseech thee

placed the anthropologic all the way beneath me

bloom children stimmung misery has never been contemporary

won't ever let it go it's your only consistent company

inhabit realms of self bound only to mine mind

fabricate alternative dimensions at all times

perpetual escapist lack all means to achieve

channel astral ease back concoct the most serene of dreams

oral vibrations confounded lost locomotives

fucked my attention

shut the fuck up wastefully indulging in the senses

capricious fish dehydrated on twin headed scales mended at the seams

juxtaposition guillotine cesarean nubian baptized neptunian

breathed in wailed out immediately pleaded to leave

tarzan man adopted by most unintelligent of all breeds

terrestrial collective phone home get dial toned

bend on knobby knee clench hands beg and plea

no capacity to invoke any kind of rosary

sex self obsessed try these ben wa balls consecrated in your anal cavity

crafted reality these fumes reek of dick cheese

perception seered into all the way outside of me

charcoaled witch catch every glimpse avert your eyes foresee your twitch

hazily looking forward to my ditch

infested by legions of fleas and ticks

scratch me raw indulge my death itch

only one wish assuage all our gaping lacerations

patient to patient reap yourself have no patience

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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