Half empty glass been scattered on the floor

Please don't make it last, someone may hurt to the core

I have stood strong and careful not to fall

For this I know: Love is for weak people.


Wounds heals so fast 

But their words make it lasts

By then, I learned to shut all the doors

To never answer when someone calls.


I found companion while I'm astray

But the closest are the ones who betray

It's a world where two things I don't believe: Love and Promise

A world where noise is your peace and you'll be killed by silence.


I lost myself and I'm searching for it

I open my eyes; I'm standing on a cliff 

A wrong decision and a simple rope

Can end all the light and hope.


Warm tears running down on my cold face

I'm catching every tear drop to leave no trace

It's too hard to catch, too hard to bear

I've used all my masks, no face to wear.


I finally had a strength to refuse 

But it only left me confused

Now I'm in a corner full of pain

Watching my hands with bloodstains.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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