its all up to you

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Its all up to you, thats what they said but no instructions were told no manuals given so when I met you I said "Its all up to you."
She doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she wants to know everything will be worth it one day. She’s afraid, afraid of the unknown, the future, and all of the things that await her.
Life is a list, of things good and bad Things that make us happy, things that make us sad   We have a nice home, to give us shelter from a storm
It's referred to as "laxation" by the people of the lacrosse nation. You can thank the North American Indians for the creation. The game is completed in an hour's duration with the occasional hesitation and aggravation.
Walking down the sidewalk On a cool autumn day Thinking about the future Watching the children play.  You want to be a teacher You finally figured it out You know how much it matters To help these kids grow up.  No one gives much mind To how diffi
Daring to reach their goal they Readily prepare their minds. Earnestly attempting to find no hinderings Amid all strugle and turmoil they Merge their thoughts together to Enter into the realm of dreming with
Burn the smoke to the sky:Glorious meadows of bluesewn to the shadows of men,flying lowly to not scatter outward.
I don't do well in groups... I don't work well with others, Lies I don't care for your type.... Don't expect me to respect you, I don't believe in your social strife,
I think I am invisible, are you invisible too? When I try to speak to people, They haven't got a clue. They look straight into my eyes, And then they turn away. I speak right into their ears,
im living in a corrupt countrypoliticians abusing power , money is something they want from mesince im young and a minority their out to hunt methey want to plant drugs on me , or catch me with a gun , seewe can find strands strands in dna but sti
Why is my love okay, when other's love starts war?   Why is my love normal, while other's love is disgusting   Why is it okay when I  kiss my love, while others are scorned?  
Friends forever...        at least thats what the necklace said When i was young I never doubted what I read But things change and people do to I guess thats what happened to me and you.
 I fear escape //   But we all are deemed so //    Like the sun we shine for sometime //   And away we go  
People tell me everything is going to be ok, That things are going to get better, But, how do they know? How do they know what’s going on, When it’s not happening to them,
  Just the Color Blue By Desiree Trujillo People say blue is when you’re sad. I say blue is bad!
There is no sound. She’s sitting, lying in her bed, And she just stares at the ceiling. I speak to her, I tell her I love her And she squeezes my hand. There is no sound.
There is no sound. She’s sitting, lying in her bed, And she just stares at the ceiling. I speak to her, I tell her I love her And she squeezes my hand. There is no sound.
You wake up, eat, drive to work, drive home, sleep- repeat. What is this? Am I truly happy? We begin in the womb for a time. Born and as we grow, the cycle restarts once again. What is my purpose?
  a pain situated in my chest planted there from jaded lust. why is it I’m jealous  when I’m a cut above the rest? ——— i trust her with my life’s fate but my esteem distracts
  The wind is harsh and bitter. Your legs are sore from yesterday’s run Or last night’s one night stand- you’re not sure. You cross your arms to keep some heat near your chest. Ahead you can see a neon light.
What is a leap of faith? What is faith Or trust Or even just a little hope That in somone's eyes I am more then just skin. More then just a pair of eyes Or a mouth that has nothing of substance.
How can life by day seem so full, but by night fall so empty, the tide comes in with the pull, of a hollow sea.   These hollow seas hold hollow dreams, and the weight of nothing burdens so,
For only the rain shares my sorrow                 with its ever tearstained days And only does this willow tree                 match my weeping ways. Its limbs hang low
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