Blinded by Love

A much older boyfriend

A heart full of sorrow

No idea I would be better tomorrow

A broken heart teaches you a lot

Not all relationships will last

That's why ours is now in the past

A much older ex

Who constantly made me feel like a kid

Now tucked away and hid

Long after I matured

And started to learn

Well after I started providing for myself

A young 17 year old girl

Suddenly realizing she is part of the big world

No longer has a man blinding her soul

She's grown

She's mature

She has taken many steps into the adult world

Day by day she learns more

About how she has grown from a small girl

Now she is older


And more

So much bigger and bolder than before

Almost two years of adulting not even recognized

She will no longer let someone cover her eyes

No longer a kid

Now a young adult

She plays her part everyday with heart

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