Blighted Ovum

Have you ever lost something

You loved so much?

It’s not so much that you couldn’t find it

But it was just gone.

The world seems to fall apart.

You forget how to breathe.

Nothing is important anymore.

Life just feels wrong.

Each morning gets a little harder

To just get out of bed.

The pain feels never ending.

You thought you were strong.

First comes the denial

And you’re sure that you are wrong

It can’t be true

But it is.

Then comes the anger.

The world is so unfair.

Why can others have what I long for?

I want it more.

Bargaining is short lasted

Because there’s no trade worth it.

The lost something is your heart

And nothing could replace it.

Finally, you think you’ve accepted it.

It’s lost and that’s all there is to it.

But as the minutes

Turn into hours

And the hours

Into days

This funk you’re in reveals itself.


It’s not acceptance at all.

Your stomach still turns

And your eyes still feel wet

Every time you think or see or hear about it.

This is the dark hole

That seems impossible to leave.

This is the grief that eats at you for years.

This is what lost things become.

I tried to give the moon and stars.

I tried to give the sun

To get the thing I needed most.

Now it is gone

And my world has no light.

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