A Black Woman



Women, Black women who, before suppressed now dress up rising to a new horizon of Power. This is their hour of devouring titles  of the once entrusted  boss-men; entitled, the elitist flossin' visionary codes of color and cards required for recruitment, boldly labeled ownership though of course the ship, not of his own  sweat, effort, and bloodstained tears is not his own ship friend-shipped with hell's ship simplified to hard's ship  politically our ship is equal  supposedly, all super duper but, beyond duped stupor and figurative politics  sailed a slave ship once home to stone cold beds  where soft round hips and dark lips of red; the essence of a sista, lay still once home to decks of song-less dance where hard rock abs and firm stern hands of the brotha, formed from exercised whips and chains  constrained the still, carried on still with bruised hearts, mental scars, wounded will and broken skulls, raging souls, flesh open the formed though strong, deformed  but from the battered cracks oozed survival  and through survival  came change change in formations of a negros birth change in  instillation of a negros worth  and in time over oceans across eras home away from home  became  homey needs a loan an I owe you from the owner who owned his own years before, but no matter, times wasted with mindings of old and homey sees, reminded by america's evolution, and tiger's wood that hardworking he'll one day  earn this space to place his learned desires a place with no room for women with skin illustrating moonless night, like his mother the place where brighter- a taste acquired from the higher source is the climax of success leaving black women stranded severed in loneliness, abandonment,  self-loathing, saltiness   building armors of attitude,  that stench of ugly  but shelter; hearts, devoted, in pain,  to mask private isolation hidden, asking why waiting, hating why. Why? cause there's no love for the slightly more than red bone darkly painted copper tone coffee tinted sun kissed,  creamy smooth chocolate miss  loveless, deemed less admittedly so by the just as shaded  un-prized by their own men even after the sacrifices of laying still while being stolen from laying still while giving birth  to men strong like their fathers who remained absent through weakness laying still upon tear dampened pillows that like a sponge, soaked up a lifetime's disappointment but not anymore for the fresh morning rays of dawn has lit a new truth upon cheeks in varying hues of brown a soul lifting realization  silencing cries from ancestors slaved by crimes fueled by hate slayed by minds fooled by ignorance a shackle freeing realization that outshines eyes forever  blinded by lines of black or white by fears of coloring outside coveringhoney realize your value unfit for entitlements  your freedom obtained from an unmatched love  your power from heavens above no doubt sun rising,  setting for your splendor while a poison ivied world quieted with awe  admires beauty's origin raw and true who is thee ultimate woman A Black woman


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