The Black Hole Of My Mind

I don't know why I do it

Degrading myself for others to walk over me

Doing what they want to make me small

I let them

To make sure I can still feel

If I didn't let it happen,

I'd be lost to the emptiness in my head.

It's nothing but a black hole.

Sucking everything and never letting go

It swallows everything up

and there is no way for escape

That's the last place I want to be

So let others push me to the ground.

To make sure I still live.

And not stuck in a looping nightmare

Set out to destroy me

and suck the life from my soul

Leaving me souless.

I think about it for a minute

And figure its a good idea

So I'm on my way to find the emptiness in my head

Hopefully I'll make it before I lose my mind completely.

Don't try to stop me.

Even though my eyes are telling you to try.

Don't. Please.

It'll do me good.

I'll make it and lose myself to the nothing in my mind.

Never come back to real life.

And let the black hole of loneliness suck me in.


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