Black Boy with (J)oy

What does it mean to be a black man in love?

Does his fist uncoil for the hand he dreams of or does his chilled heart melt away because of the fire within her eyes?

The world puts him last so he climbs and grinds to prove that potential and dreams are open to all who seek it.

The world becomes blinded by his power to manifest a future everybody wanted steal; he is bright.

The side nobody knows--if he is a real man--comes from behind his eyes and beneath his chest. Jewels of wisdom and tenderness are bestowed from the queens in his life.

Even though he knows in his heart his love for her is too pure for even him to claim it, his smile

was the prize the wolves envied.

How can one man become bonded with such pride within his kin without letting society shackle his aspirations? 

His confidence graces him with a power that moves the blood within his veins.

His ability to shine wherever he was he became an instant marvel.  

The wolves’ stomachs growled waiting for the meal to given to them while the black man knew he had to hunt for it.

Despite the soreness of lifting the world upon his shoulders, he stretches his arms to the stars. He grabs one for himself and two for his queen.

He treasures her not for her beauty but for her strength.

Her brown palms leak honey and oil as she maintains a grip onto the chains on her king.

She breaks this bondage while wearing a stable crown.

From her love liberating him, he smiles.

His spirit washes with the fruits of his labor.

His scars and smile showcase the proof that the mind if a force without bounds.

He is free.

Not because he forgot his race.

He is simply a black boy with (J)oy.


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