The Birth of a Giant


The gift of life is the most precious thing of all

Two feet peak out from behind

That will soon start to unwind

And will make him stand very tall


We all watch in awe

The mother is patient

For the baby is still latent

But finally we see the jaw


The head is in the open

And very still

The mother pushes in will

Until the chord is broken


You hear a drop

And then sudden silence

The mother assists for guidance

And gives him a little bop


The baby is covered in spots

And has an awkwardly long neck

His walking will be a wreck

As he places his legs and trots


He collapses as predicted

And a gasp comes from afar

Hoping there will be no scar

Yet he feels somewhat afflicted


But he doesn’t stop there

Placing his feet, he gives it his all

And prays he doesn’t fall

He now stood tall, breathing the fresh air


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