Big Dreams or Smoke Screens?

At the start of January 2016, I just couldn’t wait

Because that was the year I would turn the big one-8

The age I would go to SoCal and find my flow

Living the California dream in a recording studio


I’ve always wanted to obtain higher knowledge

But to save money, I’d have to go to a junior college

Either at one of the schools down in L.A.

Or City College of San Francisco, if I were to stay


So I applied to L.A. City College for the fun of it

And I tried to find a job that I wouldn’t quit

Then I looked for some housing down there too

And go there for Spring Break to take in the view


But soon everything started crashing down

I couldn’t find a decent job or house in that town

And to make matters worse, I spent Spring Break at home

With so little cash, I felt like I was all alone


So I ended up deciding to attend school in S.F.

The choice almost left me feeling tone-deaf

I felt like I missed out on my biggest dream

And almost came completely apart at the seams


However, it wasn’t all that bad

I graduated from high school, so I couldn’t be mad

Just one problem: I had almost no money

Except for graduation gifts, which seemed kinda funny


So I started applying for summer jobs

But one of them found me, and that felt odd

I began attempting to sell cutlery to people

More like looking in a haystack for a needle


I made a few sales and a few friends

I even attended conferences to gain a new lense

But I couldn’t reach my ultimate goal

Of earning $3,000, which put me in a hole


Fast forward to December 31, and now I’m focused

Won’t let my dreams get eaten up by locusts

But I know I’ve gotta work hard to get what I want

Because without dedication, I’ll be stuck in an old haunt


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