I can ride a wave of light to the stars and

swallow them whole, spitting out

constellations and fireworks.

I’m the heat that will leave third degree

burns on your eyes if you look

at me long enough, the fire the will scar your

soul if you keep me close.

I can tie a bowling ball to my back

and take the brunt of being thrown into

the cracks of the earth.

I’m the darkness that you breathe in

and become at night, the ink that stains your

skin when you didn’t know I had

even spilled.

I can be the matchmaker of the

temperature of your skin to the air.

I’m the whisper of you neighbor’s party

being heard through open

windows, the cool sheets that wrap around your

body and lull you to sleep.

I’m on the bottom of the scale of

“you’ll never know me”

to the top of

“you can’t get enough.”

Known as a shot in the dark and a question

you’ll spend your whole life

trying to answer, I’ll pull you into my battle

with paint on your face and a

hunger in your heart.

Those who have yet to meet me

will see my fire and scamper to glimpse

my beauty.

I am a warrior built from gunpowder

and shards of the sun.

Do not think you can

tame me,

do not think you deserve

my time,

you don’t.

Stand too close,

I’ll swallow you whole and spit out your bones.

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