The In Between

I remember the first time I got angry

I ran from the kitchen table through the living room

and to the foyer

where I tackled my sister.

One time, I bit her

because she was annoying me.


I sometimes am mad.


But I can be happy, too.


When I received my first kiss - 

a peck on my lips -

it was so beautifully simple.


When I french kissed my future husband,

I melted in my shoes, inside my socks. My heart

swelled and I felt like I was becoming bigger.


In between these moments is who I am.

I am more than a kiss I've received

or a hand I've held in the movies.


I am the girl who sits silently and looks

at the cracks and spaces in between the bricks

across the way. My thoughts travel on waves

of perfectly transluscent colors,

sweeping the horizon and cleaning

what once was there.


In between those moments

is who I am. The in


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